Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Macmet awarded Order for 4.85 km Pipe Conveyor by GAYATRI PROJECTS:

Macmet is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an order by Gayatri Projects Ltd. to design, engineer, manufacture, supply and supervise the erection & commissioning of a Pipe conveyor system 4.85 km in length, to carry 4000 tph of Coal from Krishnapatnam Port to Thermal Power Plant of TPCIL at Krishnapatnam.

Traveling Water Screens:

Macmet will be supplying JITF Water Infrastructure (of Jindal) 6 nos. Through Flow Traveling Water Screens (to handle 6,750 cu.m. water per hour), Stop Log Gates and Coarse Screens to be installed in the Intake Pump House of the 4x600 MW OP Jindal Super Thermal Power Plant at Tamnar, Raigarh.

Macmet is also supplying Haldia Energy Ltd. 2 nos. Dual Band Traveling Water Screens (to handle 2,640 cu.m. water per hour) and Trash Racks to be installed at the Intake Well of their 2 x 300 MW Thermal Power Plant.